Costing Workbench - Costing Lot Size

We currently are at the latest release 10.2.300.6 - we are a cloud dedicated tenant and are still in Unit Testing.

We have discovered an issue: When performing a Cost Rollup using the Costing Workbench the “Costing Lot size” do not load with the accurate “Costing Lot size” when performing Actions, Load Cost Details.

I have been in contact with Epicor support and after 2 months they gave me the following.

"To get the information expected, after Load Cost Details and ran the process to get the parts on the Costing Workbench, if the Cost Lot Size does not match with what is on the Part Entry (PartPlant.MfgLotSize field)

Go to Actions > Refresh Cost Details and check Purchase Parts, Labor Rate and Burden Rate to refresh the information and that will trigger the correction on the fields."

Note: This did bring in the correct lot sizes.

Does this happen with the standard On-Premise version also?


We’re on-prem on 10.2.300.4 and this is an issue for us as well. The workaround you mentioned worked to resolve our issue. Reviewing a BAQ against a costing group comparing the CostPart and PartPlant costing lot sizes there seems to be no consistent pattern I can detect. But indeed, running refresh with the options mentioned selected syncs them up.

Did they happen to mention if they were working on a fix for this?


They are NOT working on a fix.
The developer at one point said it was working as designed. “It is taking the lot size from the parent part and not itself.”
I do not like this work around, leaves room for error.

Thank you for the reply.

“It is taking the lot size from the parent part and not itself.”

That is definitely NOT what it’s doing in our case. It was the parent part that was off.

Just wondering if the lower level assembly is marked as a Phantom, or as a Pull As Assembly part.

I have two BOM that I have verified in our Pilot system.

First BOM has all the sub-assemblies marked as “Plan as Assembly” and the BOM does have one Phantom which is marked as “Pull as Assembly”, all sub-assemblies
are also marked as “View as Assembly”.

Second BOM all sub-assemblies are marked as “Plan as Assembly” and the BOM does NOT have any Phantoms, all sub-assemblies are also marked as “View as Assembly”.

Both scenarios do not load the correct lot sizes for all sub-assemblies unless you “Refresh Cost Details” after the initial “Load…”

This is the process we follow for ‘Costing Workbench’:

Create a new group…

Load cost details

Key in the part: xxxx


After process complete

Click on the Cost/manf parts tabs

Add part by clicking on ‘Actions’ - ‘Load Cost detail’

After process is done

Click on ‘Cost’ - ‘Manufactured Parts’ search and select all

All six manufactured parts load with a ‘Costing Lot Size’ of 5. (Which is incorrect)

Click on ‘Actions’ - ‘Refresh Cost Details…’

Click on the ‘Purchase Part’ checkbox - then click on OK

Click on “Cost/Manufactured Parts” tab then click on Search, Search

Select All, OK

Now the grid will be populated with all the sub-assemblies with the correct lot size. (Match lot size on Part)

Failure to ‘Refresh’ the cost details will lead to incorrect “Std Costs” being created. We rely on having correct ‘Std Costs’ for quoting items we have never
sold before.

Thank you for your reply.

We have a problem code: PRB0209139
Expected to be fixed in: 10.2.300.9 (we are SASS, currently at 10.2.300.8)

was this issue resolved I can’t find it in the release documents for 10.2.300.9


We had the same issue in was raised in July 2019 as and it was fixed in (Mid August 2019) we are now on 10.2.400.20 and the problem isn’t there. I assume the fix was applied to the latest patch release for each .xxx release but I may be wrong. Support requested a fix for us at the level we were currently at and it came out 4 patches later.

We have just been informed by Epicor that it was fixed in 10.2.300.12…

We are on 10.2.300.7 so some minor upgrades to run…