Costing Workbench - Load Cost Details for ONLY 190 Purchased Parts

I am looking to do a cost rollup where ONLY 190 purchased parts are having the standard costs changed. I have created the group in the costing workbench and want to load cost details. I noticed in the FILTER tab on the Load Cost Details screen that I can enter the 190 parts which I have done.

On the Load Cost Details Selection Screen, I have the Group ID and Eff. Date.

Should I check Manufactured, Purchased, and Kit Parts if ONLY changing standard material / material burden costs for 190 purchased parts?

My costing method is Std.

I have unchecked Burden Rates / Labor Rates since these will remain unchanged.

I have checked “Retrieve Unlinked Purchase Parts”.

After loading the cost details, I go back to the Costing Workbench to the Cost tab. I see 12,870 Manufactured Parts and 2,472 Purchased Parts.

Where did I go wrong? Shouldn’t I only see the 190 purchased parts and those manufactured parts affected by those 190?

Please advise.



Did you check the box, “retrieve unlinked purchase parts?”

EDIT* I just read your post more carefully.

If you check that box it brings in “unlinked” parts meaning it retrieves all parts not linked to bills of material… which is exactly what happened. Hence the reason you have way more parts than you wanted

Hi Utah, Okay. I will give that a shot. Thanks

Yeah in other words, don’t check that box and you will only get the parts related to the manufactured parts you specified in your load cost details prompt.

FYI in my version 10.2.500.8, you cannot bring in purchased parts with that filter, only manufactured parts and their related raw materials/subassemblies.

No Good. Without checking that box, nothing comes back. Epicor got back to me as well claiming there are software issues with trying to run purchase parts only. I am going to run it for everything and only update the 190 parts with VLOOKUP() like I usually do. Hopefully, this gets better in Kinetic. Thanks

Ohh I re-read your post for a second time.

The filter only works for manufactured parts in my version, probably the same for yours.

So you can’t filter purchased parts.

In other words, you can’t only bring in 190 purchased parts.

if you only want to change the purchase cost for those 190 parts, and not do a rollup, why not use the cost adjustment screen instead? it is a much simpler process to change costs if there is no rollup. You can even DMT the changes into the cost adjustment.


We don’t want it to affect our standard costs set at the beginning of the year or whenever we set them. We just want to update the cost to reflect actual so we can quote. On top of that, adjusting with cost adjustment adjusts the inventory, doesn’t it? We also don’t want that.

I think we will need two cost IDs.