Country Edit, Vantage 8

I believe it's intentional since it's not practical to change afterwards. Every table that has a CountryNum field also has a Country field, the Country field's updated whenever the country dropdown's changed. It's not just for convenience, there can be several countries brought into a report (think the sold-to and ship-to addresses on a sales order), but you can only link to a table once in a BAQ, so duplicating the country description on each record is a practical way to provide that info. If you change the description of a country, you'd have to update the Country field for all records in the system that used the old name across all those tables. I'm not aware of any errors caused when Country is out of sync with CountryNum, but old data would keep the old names until you updated them.
Is it a bug, or by design, that you cannot change the text description of a country?
Form will grey out the Country name box after saving, or opening an existing country.
The field countrynum is the actual unique identifier, isn't it?