Vtg 4 COuntry table

Some of those you can delete if you remove them from the Vendors and Customers. It just depends on when and where you used that Vendor and Customer. This was one of those things identified at the Morroco road show and I did most of this editting right after installing 4.0 and was able to clean up the bad Country stuff.

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Just ran into a new one in Vantage 4.0 that I hadn't heard about. The
Country field on vendors, customers, etc is now coded from a Country
table, instead of being free-form text. Apparently this came with
the 3.2 "international" version?

This is a nice change (wish they'd do it for states too.) But - one of the
conversion routines loads up the new Country table with every single
country it can find in the old text field. Including obscure places like
AP check addresses.

Here's the annoying part... Early on in our Vantage implementation, we had
users putting all kinds of junk in the country field, like US, U.S.A., USA
and even "Attn: Joe Smith" We cleaned it out of the master files, but it's
permanently stuck in things like the AP Checks. And now, permanently
stuck in County as well. Arrgh! Would have been nice to have the option
to skip the junk, instead of proliferating it more. Guess I just need to
finally figure out ProVision or some way to blank out the old junk.

-Wayne Cox

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We have the same problem with the country table. Like you said, in Vantage
there is no way to delete the ones that shouldn't be there. I went in and
put ZZZ at the front of the name so they would show up at the end of the
list, but, like you, I wish there was a way to remove them permanently.