Create BPM connection between Part and ECOCOPart tables


Im not sure if this is even possible without getting into the coding of epicor but i am trying to create a BPM so that when a specific field on the part entry screen is changed from any to another, it will update the specified ECOCOPart field with a calculation/formula using the part fields updated value.

To be specific, the QtyPerTree field (#1 below) can change over time. If this field changes, the values for most of our materials need to be updated to follow suit. Instead of having engineering run a DMT, or Update-able dashboard, i wanted to create this small automation that would do the math in the background if that qtypertree field is ever updated.

How can this be done in BPM between two different tables? If thats not possible, do you know of any other methods i can try?

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Look at the table Partmtl, it is where the BOM is stored after it gets checked in by engineering workbench. The Eco table only has the current checked out part data.

I think this might be possible. I did a lot of work with the ECO table when setting up my add/edit any op dashboard:

I think the biggest thing to take into account is the checking in/out and unapproving/reapproving.
Good Luck!