Creating a new COA for testing

So a long while ago while at another business I was at, we went through several iterations of the GL setup. I am sure we went through the process of creating a new COA, categories, segments, book, controls and setting the new chart to the master chart. That was in 10.2.400

I am now doing it again this time in 2022.1 and for some reason when entering a Misc AR invoice and running the edit list, the account recap is showing the old chart not the new.

Have I missed something?. The customer does not have a GL control assigned to it. The Company has a default GL Control for AR, and I can see both books with account contexts set.

If anyone has any suggestions. It would be appreciated.

@Hally did you run it thru the PE log viewer? I found out when we did a major reorg in 2020 that Epicor has some kind of memory about previous transactions and will reuse accounts.

So did you create a map for the chart of accounts?

@gpayne how do the posting rules in the posting engine know to use the new COA? And do they know that just by “setting the new chart to the master chart?”

@Hally in the GL transaction type screen what is set on the transaction type for book?

Is that the book you want to use?

This is a tricky subject. You actually need to either use multi-book, and/or create a new primary posting book.
Where you get caught up is some transactions – primarily related to POs, Open AP and Open AR – actually look to a previous transaction to identify the GL account to use for the transaction. So if your AP Trade GL account on an open payables does not exist in the new book, you will get an error when trying to post a payment.


That’s why some people use the mapping on their posting rules.

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Hello @gpayne No I haven’t looked at the PE log viewer, so that’s a good point. Although if I am in the invoice line and select default account. It still shows the old GL, and not the new, even though it is no longer the master chart.

Hello @Utah, if you are referring to Account Segment Mapping, my understanding this was for mapping accounts between charts, that’s not we are after. If you are referring to the conversion in the GL Book then yes I have set it up so that Chart, Division and Department all link appropriately to the segments in the new chart.

@utaylor I had not taken a look at the posting rules, perhaps last time we were doing a one for one swap of the book. It was a long time ago.

What I ended up doing was import the standard GL Transaction Type/Posting Rule in and set the book to the new book. Now I see all the segments.

Marking yours as a win. Thanks. (added to my get this person a drink at insights list). :slight_smile: