Credit Cards in order entry

We process credit cards in order entry. Once a credit card is used, that number defaults in on all of the next orders for that customer. Is there any way to remove the credit card number so that it does not show up on subsequent orders? We accidentally charged a credit card and the customer does not want us to use that card ever again, however, the next time they call in to place an order, that card number will default in and if we are not careful to double check the card number, there is a good chance we will run that card! Can we go into the credit card table and remove data?

We just did this for a customer. You can put a post processing BPM on the SalesOrder BO to clear the data on change customer.


We’re working the credit card processing in E10 with Al. Does E10 keep the card for customer and default for the next order as E9 does?

Bryan DeRuvo

Yes it does, you can do the same BPM


We are interested in what you did here. We would like to delete the credit card information stored in order entry on each dealer after we use it so that nothing comes in by default the next time they call in. Would your BPM work for us? If so, how could we get a copy of it or see what you did? I am in accounting so I would like our IT person to look at it to see if he can create it for us.


Hi Jill
I don’t have the code handy, but basically the CC comes back into the Order when you change the Customer ID… OnChangeCustomer() method, just do a Post Processing BPM and clear the credit card fields. Then it won’t come into the order.