Crew Size in Job - Adding Additional Crew?

We recently changed our MOMs to reflect crew size.

I noticed that although we updated the Scheduling Resource Crew Size in the MOM, the crew size in the job details section is always that number + 1. Anyone else have the same issue? I read this could be because of a rounding issue, but our crew sizes are whole integers…

Ex. Crew size of 3 specified for this part.

Job Scheduling Resources show the correct crew size:

Job Op Detail section adds an extra person! 3 → 4

Even stranger is that on the production detail report, it will estimate the time as 4 people, but estimate and backflush the cost using 3 people.

(.0555 hr / part) X (115 Parts) X 4 Crew Size = 25.52 HRs

Labor rate of $20 / HR, so estimated cost should theoretically be 25.52 * $20 = $510.40… but it’s $382.80 which is 3/4 of $510.40, or only using 3 people.

There are two resources assigned to that operation - does OpDtl #10 have a crew size of 1 for a total of 4 on the operation?

There is also a setting in the company configuration to apply costs using all resources assigned to an operation, not just the primary reporting resource. That could explain the difference in the hours and costs.

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The other resource group does have a crew size of 1 (we have two resource groups, 1 for labor and 1 for the machine), but I’m looking at older jobs and they never used to multiply the crew size for estimated labor hours.