1 job Multiple production workers - reporting labor?

When we receive a large order, we have 1 job, but often we will have multiple production workers working the job. Since the job can only be assigned to 1 person, I understand it only shows up in MES for 1 person(the assignee) resulting in us not being able to collect labor for more than 1 person on a job.

I assume we’re missing something as this is probably a common thing other companies run into(more than 1 person working the same job). Any pointers on how we can have more than 1 person reporting labor on the same job?

Out-of-the-box Epicor has no restriction on the number of people who can simultaneously be clocking labor on any particular operation. When the second person tries to clock in, are you getting an error message?

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Ernie so even without an operation having crew size 2… multiple people can start activity on the same job, op?

when clocking in to a job that someone is already clocked to, base epicor will have this red message at the top but nothing will stop the employee from clicking ok to start production activity.

@embedded just to clarify, you are using MES for clocking?

@hkeric.wci Crew size wont impact this. crew size is used for capacity planning if running finite capacity on resources.
and it think it uses crew size when calculating estimated job cost, not 100% sure on that one though.


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Try changing your crew size on this job/operation. Then see if they still get the message.

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@Craig, yes we are using MES. Sorry this is secondhand information, my understanding of the problem was when you start production activity you are given a list of jobs to choose from and those are the jobs assigned to you, so if you aren’t the only 1 person assigned the job you don’t have the option to select the job to enter labor.

How are your resources and operations set up?

@craig I’m not familiar with resources in Epicor, it sounds like this is something I should be familiar with so we can review how it’s setup. From a 50k ft view what do resources do in relation to labor on jobs?

In regards to Operations, I assume you are asking what Labor Reporting Resource we are using. This is something that was setup when we went live with Epicor ~10 years ago and I don’t know what it does. It sounds like I need to read up on resources in Epicor and how they relate to operations and labor. Any pointers on these topics would be greatly appreciated.

If helpful for context collecting accurate labor data has been a goal for years(to help us plan better and understand product profitability), and we’re finally making some progress so as we delve in I’m sure there will be new things we need to learn we’ve not done in Epicor in the past.

Just make sure only one operator is reporting the completed quantity. Except for that, there are no limits to how many folks can clock an operation.

Resources/ resource groups are where capacity lives (if you ever run a finite capacity shop). Resources are the where / who is doing the work. resources / groups are site specific.

Operations are the Verbs. The actions that are being done. operations do not have to be site specific.

Operations will use the resources to build the schedules. If you click that Scheduling resources tab you can see where that particular operation wants to be performed at. also right click the operation and open operation entry and you can see the resources/ resource groups associated with that operation. then you can open up resource groups to see how those are structured.

If you have embedded education there are some good training courses in there about job management and set up.

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So what you’re really asking is “how can I still show the operation on the Work Queue so ADDITIONAL operators see it as available?”

That is going to be dependent on job and/or resource group setup… and @Craig and @Beth are pointing you in the right directions.

Correct. The flag @Craig shows is a warning message, but it won’t stop anybody from doing anything.

I think my personal record is 4 operators (with the resource group set with a crew size of 1) clocked into a single “assembly” operation simultaneously.

There ARE costing implications (split labor/labor=burden), so this should be tested with the Finance folks to make sure they know what’s coming.


@embedded Try changing the crew size in the Scheduling Resources tab of a job:

Note that as @Ernie said, this will affect job costing.