Cross Dock

This is our first time using cross dock, and I’m not finding much information about it to help us complete. We have an order in an outside warehouse that we want to crossdock from a transfer order. I have taken the order through fulfillment workbench and selected the “enable cross docking” function, but I don’t see what the next steps are. Fulfillment workbench says “0 lines allocated,” but I see the order in “Cross Docking.” We are unable to print the material queue report for picking and we need the BOL paperwork to give to the carrier ahead of time. What are the next steps?

The next steps are the where magic occurs.
When a demand for a part has a cross dock assigned to it, it is like putting a post it on the receiving dock reminding someone, when part 123 comes in, send it to this sales order.

The next step is receive the part into the warehouse you are shipping from and the part will become allocated (and set to picking if you had selected that too) automatically.

It doesn’t matter if it came from a job, purchase order, or transfer - it just works.

Good luck with the implementation of this magic feature.

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