Crystal 8.0 displaying weekdays in a date range & loop command?

I am trying to create a weekly payroll audit report. I am trying to show
days that have no laborhead.Paydate record. I am trying to use the following
Local numberVar days : = DateDiff ("d",{?start date},{?end date} ) ;
Local numberVar i ;
for i : = 1 to days do
stringVar wkday : = (WeekdayName (DayOfWeek ({?start date})+i));
) ;
When I set my ?startdate to a Monday and ?enddate to a Friday the above
formula returns the Value Friday. How do I get it to display the value of
the variable wkday for each pass through the loop? Any help would be greatly
appreciated, I am starting to get blue in the face from looking at this for
so long, or it could just be the cold MN. weather.

Dan Shallbetter
States Electric Mfg.