Custom help files

For all I know there’s a mountain of information about this already but it’s proving a tough thing to search for …

I seem to remember it’s possible to add to the Epicor Help system so there is information on custom systems available in the standard places. Is that correct? If so, where do I look for how to set that up and maintain it? Does anybody have any tips for doing it efficiently?

Hi Daryl - You can add an annotation. Click on the Annotations tab at the bottom of the help window. Is that what you were thinking of?

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It goes some way, thanks.

It would be nice to add whole pages and sections, though. We have an increasing numbers things which aren’t much to do with standard Epicor functionality and there’s no built-in place for people to look for how to work them. Departments have work instructions, and we have implementation notes, but it would be cleaner if both were where people already look.

Agreed. We could use that here too.

I have a nagging memory of the consultants who helped us with implementation saying it was possible … but “help” is a difficult thing to search for clues about!

Amy Melton - Epicor education director - should be able to get an answer about this pretty quick - whether it was, will be, or never will be an option for us to write our own pages.

Anyone know if she’s still got the job and have an email address for her?

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You could try the link in help… I have no idea if you would get to the right person or not, but it’s worth a shot.



I use that link ALL. THE. TIME. It goes to our buddy @Staci_Stahr_Cummings!


Hi @askulte - The comments are correct - at this time, the Annotations are the way to add your own Help to the application. We have other tools to help you create content (EKM) but it’s not linked to the Application Help. We don’t have anything on the near horizon on customized Help but we know it is a request, and continue to discuss a solution for this.

Amy Melton is still part of the Epicor University team - she handles our live training :slight_smile: I’m your contact for anything written and can also answer questions on digital content.


Thanks. It sounds like we continue as we are for the moment.

@Staci_Stahr_Cummings - Thanks for chiming in. I added a feature request here: Add User Pages to Help System - #3 by askulte - Feature Requests and Suggestions - Epicor User Help Forum

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thank you!

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Thanks for the clarification @Staci_Stahr_Cummings!