Customer On Credit Hold for no reason

Good Morning.

We might be running into a bug but I wanted to check here first before I start reaching out to Epicor.

We are starting to see customers randomly get placed on credit hold upon order entry. I can not sense a pattern, and it’s happening with multiple people.

I’ve been checking each customer account to assure that their limits are 0 (they are).
I’ve also gone through each BPN and form code to see if there isn’t something there the might be the cause which nothing sticks out at me.

Anyone else dealing with this issue?

When a credit hold is placed there will also be a CreditHoldReason (on cust record) - it isnt always very clear but it should help you to start narrowing down the cause - whether manual or automatic.

Hi Chris.

I checked that and they all have no dates and SOURCE = “MANUAL”

I couldn’t find “REASON” but I assumed it’s referencing the same thing.

Manual is the reason, someone changed it. I’d suggest a changelog at this point on that field.

I have that on too and its happening to everyone at random times… We’ve tried to ID what might be in their process to be causing it and we really can’t narrow it down.

Further to this, we locked down the field to only a few people in accounting roles and it’s still happening.

A changelog should show you when it changed as well as what user changed it.

Is there perhaps some custom logic?

Yes Sir.

That why it’s a mystery. I’ve combed through every BPM and custom code object I could think of and it still gets me nowhere.

My logic would have been also, if there was a BPM running somewhere, certainly locking down the field would have stopped this.


@Andrewpech @zvanmeter presented on his code search tool at our user panel at Insights. Maybe it can find a routine that is updating Customer.CreditHold.

The attachment is a DD bpm I use on Customer to email when credit hold is changed.
Email Credit Hold Sample.cs (3.9 KB)


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If I recall correctly, once the sum of open orders dollar value is greater than the credit limit, the customer gets put on hold. Can you confirm if the customers in question have a credit limit?

a plurality of our customers are “0” credit limit. The cases I’ve been running into I’ve confirmed that there was a limit of “0”

Hi Andrew - don’t mean to revive an old post here, but I don’t think there is a PM option here. Have you ever figured out this issue? I am having a similar issue to you and haven’t gotten anywhere for a solution yet.

Unfortunately no, other than putting in place a BPM that would alert AR each time a customer would go on credit hold. I did tie back the issue to improper calculations on the global credit tables (erp.GlbCustCred). If you looked at the ones you were having problems with, you would find that the NAOwnCreditUsed was some absurd value.
I had some luck using the recalculate global credit. But it wasn’t until I got a datafix from Epicor did I feel like I was gaining ground on the issue. I never got a chance to see it through since leaving the organization.

Id open up a support ticket and see if they can run a search for my name and bring up a past case. Either way, you’re looking for a “Global Credit Table Recalculation Fix”. It took a long time for them to find it on their end.