Customer Tracker - Finance page

Hi Guys,

Very new to epicor so please keep it as simple as you can for me. When I go into some of the customers on the tracker, then to finance page, then credit, some of them have negative amounts in invoice credit and order credit. Anyone know how this can be?


I believe that just shows the current amount of open invoices… so did you refund that order for more than the worth?

There are no open orders or invoices. The account is up to date.

have you looked at their customer statement?

I also don’t know how it works when a customer has a credit on account. So when you do a refund its pending being applied to their next order. perhaps that’s how it shows in the system.

I have found that you will need to run the recalculate customer credit program to update them.


Not sure how or why they become “off.”


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Thanks Utah thats worked a treat!! Much appreciated.