Unable to adjust negative credit memo

Hello all,

Someone accidentally entered a negative value for a credit memo and now I am having issues adjusting it. I go to AR Write off and Adjustment, and bring up the invoice which is not yet posted. When I try to enter an adjustment in the box (positive 66.62) to bring the credit memo to zero, the “New Balance” field does not reflect my change. Any thoughts or something I’m missing here?


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Typically you will enter a negative amount; this will decrease the invoice balance. Entering a positive amount increases the Invoice Balance.

Important: You cannot increase an invoice balance over the original invoice amount.

Suggestion: Create a new invoice with the same nature (i.e.negative amount) and offset with that wrong credit memo, then pass another credit memo to offset original invoice

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I am not an accounting expert… but in my humble opinion, it is a bug that the software allows you to create a negative credit memo (which turns into an invoice).
My suggestion is that you turn this one into Tech Support so that the software can be corrected. They may also have a data fix utility to help you resolve the bad data.

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I’m having the same issue. How did you fit it. I’m unable to create a negative invoice to apply the credit memo too.

Do you mean you cannot adjust a negative credit memo?

So yes I think we are saying the same thing. The $ value is negative on the CM but looks positive in Order tracker. It’s a cancellation invoice for a shipment invoice but didn’t get applied. It won’t let me apply it to anything.

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I believe you can only apply a cancellation invoice to the original invoice.