Customization on a Dashboard in a Sheet

On Epicor version 10.0.700.4

We added a deployed dashboard inside of shipment entry via the sheet wizard and we are trying to add a search button to the dashboard that is inside of shipment entry, but no matter what we try when we first save the customization and then close and then re-open shipment entry, the base dashboard is loaded and our customization(epiButton) is gone. I even tried adding the dashboard on the menu, doing the customization there, and then re-adding the dashboard inside of shipment entry using the sheet wizard but selected the menu ID of the dashboard with my customization on it instead of the dashboard ID, and it still only loads the base deployed dashboard inside of shipment entry. When I look at the treeview inside of customization my epibutton isn’t listed but if I try to add another button and give it the same name as my original one that is missing, epicor errors and says a button already exist with that name even though I can’t see it and it isn’t listed on the treeview. Is it just not possible to customize a dashboard that is deployed inside of a screen? Sure seems that way, I also noticed that if I try to hide the Native EpiLabel in the dashboard by setting it’s visible property to false, save the customization, exit out of shipment entry and then re-open it, the EpiLabel is visible again? I have also cleared the client cache multiple times and have even exited out of epicor and went back in and I get the same results.

Thanks for any help.

I don’t think you can do that inside the embedded dashboard, you might able to do so as a runtime dashboard and then add the button to the dashboard tracker.

Yea trying it as a runtime had the same results. Looks like an embedded dashboard just can’t be customized?

You have to make the buttons and such at the Tracker Runtime (inside the dashboard) then Embed it.

Tried this as well, but when I try to add a click event for the button I added to the dashboard in dashboard developer, the button isn’t available for me to add the event?

Was a solution ever found for this issue? I’m trying to do the same thing. I have a dashboard with a button added at the Tracker Runtime. I need to add the dashboard with the tracker customization to a new sheet on another form and then be able to add the click event for the button.