Updateable dashboard embedded in customer entry

I am wondering if there is a way to embed an updateable dashboard to a standard entry? I assume that it will only work with runtime dashboards?

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Good question…

P.S. I just did a VERY simple test of sheet wizard/appbuilder/menuID and adding the updateable dashboard on an entry form did work. Only without publish/subscibe at this point but, looked promising.

per thread below…maybe
“All you need to do is create a menu item for your deployed updatable dashboard, then in sheet wizard add the menu item. Voila - embedded updatable dashboard”.

Found it myself, it is just the matter of attaching the compiled version of the dashboard. There is a choice when attaching the dashboard as a runtime or compiled version.

Updatable dashboard only work as deployed out as Dashboard Assemblies. So you need to add it in Menu Maintenance as a dashboard assembly. Log out and back in then use the customization sheet wizard to add it as a ‘AppBuilder Panel’ using the MenuID you created in Menu Maintenance.

Thanks sir, working as a charm.

Anyone know if you can embed a dashboard with a customization?