Customization Problems in 10.1.600.5

I’m beginning to feel like I’m in one of those '80’s horror flicks where giant bugs are slowly gnawing away at my soul.

My customization’s in Sales Order Entry that was done in 10.1.500.14 were full of token errors. All of them had to do with missing ‘;’ that were present in the code, by the way.

No big deal, so I thought. I rewrote the custom, started from scratch, tested my code and saved my work. I even opened it back up a couple times and seemed to work. Test Code came back clean.

I went to Menu Maintenance to add the custom to the Customization: drop down and nothing showed. Refreshed and still no custom name showed. I restarted Epicor and went back into Menu Maintenance and… You guessed it, no customization showed. I reopened Order Entry and the token errors were back.

I blew away the custom and just added a group box with a text box. Created an FKV field and saved. Token errors re-appeared after restarting Epicor.

I opened a fresh database with absolutely ZERO customs and added a simple label name change and got the same result.

I think I know why Epicor didn’t use Release .600 at Insights. The bugs are beginning to pile up here.


Quote Management has the same issue as above. No customs will work in the CRM module. You can’t create any customs and all previous customs fail.

Here’s the error:

I’m not sure it’s related but I heard that there was a bug that required
you to set ALL COMPANIES on the customization in order to get it to show in
menu customization


@Chris_Conn is right IF you’re “On Premise”, we are so that trick worked for us in 600.3.

Epicor support told me of that trick when we upgraded but stated it’s not working for their SaaS customers. That was 600.3 though so I’d hoped a solution was in place by now.

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That trick did work. Thank you Chris!

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Confirmed problem on 600.4 and 600.2 as well.
Setting the Customization for All Companies did the trick - but that may prove problematic for some customers

Just had to do the same thing in 600.5. Not fixed yet.

currently testing 10.1.600.6 and this was sent to me from support

  1. Log into the Company where the Company Specific Customization was created.

  2. Run Menu Maintenance (System Setup > System Maintenance).

  3. Expand the Tree and select the Base Menu (like Part) that was Customized.

  4. Select Actions > Copy to Current Copy (to make a Company Specific Copy of the Base Menu).

  5. Select the Customization drop down and then select the Customization.

We are migrating from 10.1.500.35 to and this same issue exists. We must set All Companies when saving a customization for it to appear in the dropdown in menu maintenance.

That’s one way to do it, the other option is to copy the menu item to the current company, (actions, copy to current company) then the customization will show up for the copied one.

It’s probably better/easier to to the all companies thing, but not “necessary” as there are other ways to deploy it.