Hello Everyone,

We have customization(Separate UD Screens) on Production Instance in Company A and I want to use the same customization in the Company B on the Production Instance.

Please guide me how to get it done in the Company B without missing anything?

either you can save for all company or save the same customization for company B and add it to the menu and choose the relevant customization.

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Save for all companies or add to each menu item.

I opened the source company which is A and ticked “All Company” in menu maintenance when i open destination company which is B menu maintenance is grey out and i could not able to map the customization.

I have told you already that, you have to save the customization for all company while you are saving…
so then from the source company which i A, select the customization from the menu maintenance at the bottom,
of course its grayed out, because it’s from the another company.
or you can create a new menu id and select the same customization for the relevant form.

in case it’s doesn’t work well, share your any-desk ID , i can look into that.