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Good morning team,

I modify the Sales Order Entry Screen for all of my users, but I don´t want to install the customization in each one of their computers, is there a way to send the customization to all of them?


In Menu Maintenance you can select the menu item and then select the customization that will be used on that item.

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Thanks, it really helps!

And now, for a personalization? Is there a way to do this too?

If you want a personalization for all users, that is what a Customization actually is. :grin:


Ok, the thing here is that the development team just sends me the customization, how can I make my personalization a customization?

Sorry to bother you guys with my boring questions but I´m kinda new in Epicor.

Not a problem. Boring questions are easier to answer :wink:
If you want to make a customization from a personalization, it may not be directly possible.
Likely you simply rearranged columns in a few grid views. If this is the case, turn on developer mode, open the form, select a customization you want to use (if one exists, otherwise simply click OK) and move the columns again on this form. Finally, click Tools > Save Layouts. This will save to the selected customization or ask you to create a new customization. Once you have saved it, you can add this customization to that menu in Menu Maintenance. At the bottom of the screen is a dropdown where you can select the customization you edited/made.

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