Customizing a Sub Form

I have looked at both:

But it is not working for me. I am running 10.2.500.40. I am trying to uncheck a routing checkbox by default.

My process was to open Payment Entry in Dev mode. Selected my group and went to Process payments and created a new customization with the code below.
Example.xml (1.8 KB)

Then I went back to the main payment entry screen. Created a blank customization with the same name and saved it. Went into menu maintenance and applied the main screen customization. When i launch it i am not seeing the message box or the version number i put on the form so i know it is launching the base and not the customization. Any ideas?

In dev mode, when launching the sub form from the main, does it give you a menu id when you launch the sub form? (Popup)

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Yea, I tried to deploy that to the menu and that didnt work either. The customization does not show under process payments.

Which menu? Did it give you one like ‘PRblahblah’?

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Look under Processes → Restart Process Payments
MenuID → PR000421

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This is the one i am showing. Also i only see PR000419. It does not go higher than that.

here is the original box that pointed me to that.

@jrhodesMVP Can we go back to the beginning? What is it you are trying to stop?

Are you trying to uncheck the APR routing code in process payments for the remittance report? Are you always trying to prevent the routing from running or only running for a certain user?

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Okay so i am trying to uncheck the box for the routing on process payment (Payment Entry Parent form). I wanted to just create two SSRS forms and default the one without routing but the users didnt like that idea. The code i am using is in the example above.

And you don’t see your customization? Uncheck all companies, or check it if it’s the opposite.

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Let me try this.

The Process payments customization is not there. The Payment Entry one is there and has been there.

There is some definite backend work going on. The same action calls either 371 or 421 based on the status of the payment group. You can make a customization on 421, but they are only listed as selectable for 371. I added -c custom name in the 421 menu table and it is ignored.

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From the help, I think you missed a step with your original approach:

Tip: Some child sub process programs are not separate processes, but are actually continued within the same .dll assembly as the parent program that launches them. These child programs are embedded sub process programs that only launch from the parent .dll form. Because of this, you must create a “dummy” parent customization that uses the same name as the customized sub process program. You can then add this “dummy” parent customization to the Main Menu, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Menu, and/or the Handheld Menu. Now that your parent “dummy” customization is in place, you can point to the child sub process customization using Process Calling Maintenance.


so darn confident this is going to work about to click the solution checkbox now

never used this screen figured it would be quick to setup but it still isnt working. I am sure i am not entering in the correct information. I will table this until monday and update everyone when i dig into this screen some more.

@gpayne @klincecum I figured it out. Here are the full steps I took to get it to work.
I created three total customizations. One on the Payment Entry screen, another on Process Payments, and the last on Restart Process Payments. All of them have the same name. I had to create a menu item named Restart Process Payments, set the DLL to Process Payments, and add customization. Then, I returned to the Process Payments (process) menu item and added the customization there. I also added the dummy customization to Payment Entry. Process Calling Maintenance did not need to be set up.

Thank you for the help!

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