Cycle Count Posting Error

I have run into this error several times when posting my cycle counts. We have counted and our count is 0. The discrepant reason code is entered as a cycle count adjustment. I have run count variance calculation/report and it shows it will post. When i post the cycle and here is the error i get: No parts or PCIDs were available for posting.
Any suggestions how correct anything to make this post?

Does the Group have any adjustments?

GL trans usually aren’t created for a zero dollar transaction. So if none of your part counts create any GL trans, that might be a problem.

Check for any allocation on that part in the PartAlloc table.
That’s why it happens for us.
Epicor Support can give a data fix to delete phantom allocations in that table.

Following up on what @lgraham suggested. There is a utility within Epicor called Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations. This can be run with a report only option, which I recommend. can you can filter by part.
Support usually directs me to this tool for allocation issues.

Yes we had 20 other parts that posted. That is good to know that if you just have that one entry it may not post. Thanks!

Allocations are always a problem for CycleCounting and Physical inventory.
say you have a quantity on hand of 100… and a sales order for 90… and you allocate the 90 pieces.
THEN you cycle count and find you only have 80 on hand… This requires a 20 piece reduction, but that would eat into the allocations. It doesn’t allow this to post. You must reduce or eliminate the allocation and then the adjustment will be allowed.

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Allocation was exactly the problem. Thank you all very much for the answers.