Cycle Counting Current Location - Am I missing something... I count by warehouse, but only see parts who have a primary warehouse set as the warehouse selected and not what is actually on hand in part bin

Am I doing something wrong? I only see parts with a primary warehouse set to the warehouse selected on the cycle count. I am expecting that when I create a cycle count schedule for a warehouse and then do the part selection that I would then see all the parts that are on hand in that warehouse…

Instead I am getting all parts who have a primary warehouse the same as the warehouse selected in the cycle count…

When we do a full physical it generates tags for each part on hand in the warehouse- regardless of what their primary warehouse is… Why isn’t it behaving the same when setting up a cycle count for a warehouse (not full physical)?

I wish I knew more about cycle counting :sweat_smile:


I made some detailed instructions for Cycle Counting. It’s confusing but I hope this helps.
Cycle Count Setup Instructions.docx (385.5 KB)
Cycle Counting.docx (326.7 KB)

Also, I made a Favorite group just for CC. They are in the order in which they should be used.


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Thanks Randy, I have the process down, it was the part selection that I didn’t understand… But now I see you can add parts to the cycle count manually!

I thought we were forced to use their part selection logic.

Thanks for taking the time to write this and upload the resources.

For anyone that needs help with this, Bryan solved my issue in this post:


You’re welcome.