Dashboard Filter (via Tracker pane) for Boolean field

I have a Dashboard with a boolean field, that I’d like to use as a filter. But with a third condition of “don’t care”.

If Include the field on the tracker as in input prompt, the results displayed in the summary grid will only ever be all true or all false.

Is there a way (a simple way, as there is always a “non-trivial” way) to have a radio buttons or a dropdown list for choosing “Open”, “Closed”, or “Both” ??

Less elegant (but acceptable) would be two check boxes: a) “Show Open”, and b) “Show Closed”.

A=0, B=0 -> no records shown
A=0, B=1 -> only "closed" records shown
A=1, B=0 -> only "open" records shown
A=1, B=1 -> all records shown

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m literally searching for the same solution and your post was at the top of Google! But no responses…

Yes. My solution was to make a Calculated field that returned “YB” for true, and “NB” for false.

Then in my dashboard made tracker input on that calc field and a filter of “Starts With” (or Begins??). Then a customer can:

  • Put a Y in and get just the rows that the bit field is true.
  • Put an N in to get just the ones that are false.
  • Leave it blank to get either.

I originally had it so it would use a “CONTAINS” filter and you could enter B (for both). But ran into problems when a version upgrade of E10 broke the “contains” filter. So no I just leave it blank.

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You can do this with radio buttons and fields. Add in 3 radio buttons inside a group box that control a hidden field. That hidden field is what will actually control the filter. Have one button be all and pass a null to the box. Have one be true that passes open to the text box and another that is false that passes closed.

Dashboard Tracker Checkbox - Allow Both option - Feature Requests and Suggestions - Epicor User Help Forum (epiusers.help)

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In the thread that you linked to, you explain that you can use the IsTrackerQueryControl on the radio button to pass a value directly to the column. I can’t get this working on a boolean…I thought I could pass true, false, or “null” but it doesn’t have any effect.

What is the field you are doing it on specifically? I had created mine to filter Open/Close statuses on SO/PO.