Dashboard Grid View Grand Total with Groups

I am creating a dashboard that uses grouping and summaries for the grid. Is there a way to display the grand totals at the bottom of the grid?

I don’t know how to get the grand total on the bottom when you are grouping, however, you can get a grand total in a calculated field, then hide that field in the grid, but show it in a tracker view. The calculated field would have to use partitioning so you don’t have to group the results.

Something like this

sum(yourvalue) over (partition by table.somecommonfieldlikecompany)

Right click in grid header and select show summaries

Right click the column and select what kind of summary you want ?

Once you group, the grand total at the bottom goes away.

Looks like you will need some code then

Infragistics has some code examples

Where are those examples?

Also, thanks for the advice @Branderson.


So would the column value be the same for every row or how does this look? I have a similar request. I am making a dashboard to show OTD and I am being asked to make it exactly like our old OTD dashboard in our previous ERP system. So I need to be able to filter by PersonID or show all. In every case, I need to summarize the total on time and percentage. I tried using two queries that were nearly identical, except one shows totals - but I can’t make both operate off the same tracker view. I’m sure I’m overlooking something easy. Straighten me out please.

I would have to look more closely at your query to be sure, but you can make windowing functions group by different things. So two different calculated fields. You can add as many fields that you want to group by (like checking the boxes) and it will pot a total in every row based on the group by. So pseudo code below, if the first on is company and personID, it would show a total by personID, and the second one is only Company, it would group by everything in the query.

sum(your.Field) over (partition by your.group1, your.group2)

sum(your.Field) over (partition by your.group1)