Dashboard Number of decimal places

How can I adjust the number of decimals shown on a dashboard? It is not following the format I give in the BAQ.

Did you save your BAQ after you made the mask change?

Yep. I redeployed the dashboard too. Restarted Epicor. No change. Particular fields are job qty and qty complete if that makes a difference.

Can you screenshot the BAQ section showing the mask and also the dashboard how the decimal appears?

That is interesting. If you change it back to the default mask of >>>,>>>,>>>,>>9.99 how does it behave?

I did that, re-deployed, and restarted. No change, looks the same as before.

Have you cleared your cache and/or is there a personalization built on that form?

Ok, I cleared the client cache and reset layouts to base. Looks the same.

Sorry man, I feel like I’m not being very helpful with this. Are you 100 percent positive that this is the correct BAQ for this dashboard?
What happens if you add another grid to your dashboard using that same query? Does it show the correct masked format?

I figured it out. I see in the “Display Attribute Editor” Job quantity and completed quantity have an attribute BizType: quantity but the Release quantity, does not. The release quantity is the only one that displays correctly though.

I changed it from “quantity” to “none” and it shows two decimals now… I don’t have any idea what effects this might have though. Do you know what that attribute is all about?

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Interesting, I’ve never utilized that function, but it’s good to know! @timshuwy might know as he’s an application expert

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OK, I will keep an eye on this thread in case he comments. Thank you for taking time to help me.

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Hi Evan, can you show where you see the “Display Attributes Editor?” Is it part of the BAQ editor or the dashboard editor? This particular issue has driven me crazy in the past, so I’m super happy to see there may be a solution.

In the BAQ editor, at the bottom of the screen there is a button with a Tag icon. That will open the display attributes editor.

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“Tricks”… sometimes the base fields will beat you up… but if you create your own calculated field in the BAQ, you can do whatever you want to with them, including formatting them differently than the system “wants” to.
So when this happens to me, I simply override the problem by making my own calculated field and move on.

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