Dashboard Open With customize Form

Hi everyone

I have the following question

this is the scenario

I have a dashboard that include the Order Num column
I have my Sales Order Form customized

When I try to use the “Open With” functionality using the Dashboard , the sales order form is opened using the standard form, instead of the Customized version.

I tried to use Process Calling maintenance form BUT when I tried to select my dashboard from “called from” button, the dashboard is not available.

so, the question is, how can I open the custom version of my form from a dashboard by using the Open with functionality?

thanks in advance for your help

Have you verified that the “open with” points to a customized menu item? Sales Order exists in several places and the one it’s pointing to might now be customized

If you run Customization mode, do your right click open with, you will get a process calling box. It will show you which Menu item of Order Entry is being opened. Be warned that some OrderNum right click open withs may not go to the same menu ID. That sometimes depends on who coded the screen as those can be set at the screen level or the context maint as we know it.


Yes, I have the menu ID, but the problem is not the menu ID, the problem is the Calling App: that make a references to a dashboard and not to dll, in fact using PCM form if you click on Called From button the dashboard are not available.
I hope I can explained myself

I think I understand what you are saying? Is this a dashboard you wrote that you are trying to open order entry with or a system one, and are you trying to go from the dashboard to order entry or the other way around… after writing that I guess i’m still a bit foggy on what you are trying to do

Do you only want to open the custom Order Entry from this dashboard or all Right-Clicks?
If all Right-Clicks for OrderNum, leave the value blank.
If only this dashboard, then you must deploy it to get the proper value for that field in Process Calling

this works!!!
thanks you so much

Just an additional snippet that might be of some use for someone reading this later. If you want to change the behavior of context menus, for example you have a customized Part form and you want that to be the default to open every time from any context menu that opens up the Part form. Then Context Menu maintenance is your friend. I think @jgiese.wci alluded to this earlier. Check out the help for more detail. It is very powerful.