Data directive used to change Resource Group of an operation by clicking on particular field. Cause issues?

We have created a data directive to change the resource group of a particular operation when clicking on a particular field. We have a large amount of parts to change.

I wanted to know if this could cause issues because we are circumventing the Engineering Workbench process.
If anyone can show just cause why this should not be done, let them speak now or forever hold their peace

I also am working on a project to update a bunch of outdated resource groups. For us, the main problem is that we have to change both the active jobs, and the underlying master part. I created a series of BAQs and customized dashboards to help with this exact thing.
Check out these two posts for an overload of information:

Of course, the pros will tell you to buy the DMT and do it the safe way. :wink:
Good luck!