Data Tag BPM

I would like to create a BPM that adds a Data Tag to the Job for certain part numbers. The part number list is over 400 long. What is the easiest way to achieve this? Thank you!

I would probably put a UD field (Boolean) on the Part table. Use that to indicate which parts you’d like this to apply to.

In the BPM you can then you this as a criteria for selection.

Do you already have the list?

Yes, I have the list in Excel. I want this list checked and if the part number is on the list, the data tag is added (or a UD field is propagated) Thanks!

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As soon as I feel better I can help you out.

Maybe someone else will beat me to it :slight_smile:

When you suggest a data tag, you mean like a boolean true/false tag like Firm/Unfirm in Job Entrey?

You probably want to get your parts list into a UD Table (lot’s of ways to do this (maybe a dashboard or just a UBAQ?)) Then you can do a lookup on the table on Part.GetByID that sets or unsets depending on if it’s found.

Let me know if I’m off base.

I think she’s looking for an actual DataTag (SysTag), but I would bet all opinions are helpful.


Well. Don’t I feel sheepish! :slight_smile:

I didn’t read the article. Can the SysTags be interfaced through a grid and can the spreadsheet be pasted into it? If not I might still use a UD table even with a BPM tied to it that creates tags on update, but that’s without doing any research on the matter.

thanks! Take care!

Interesting, I guess I could add a Ud field to Part table and use a UBAQ to fill the applicable parts. Then I write a BPM that looks at a BAQ of part numbers to add the data tag to Job Entry??? My issue is that I dont know how to do the BPM part that looks at a list in the BAQ. lol. The rest I ca handle. Thanks!

Can you DMT the data tag onto the affected Jobs?

Set a tag on a job manually, and see how it looks in the SysTag table. Then copy the format for the DMT upload.

If it’s a one and done, that saves creating UD fields, populating tables, etc…