Database Schema for E10

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For those who have been developing in Epicor for a while and have been part of the users group, you’ve probably come across the HTML versions of the Data Dictionary on here. For those who haven’t, and are on Vantage or E9 go download it immediately as they’re incredibly quick and useful.

My question is, has anyone come across one for E10? Has one been built yet? I have no idea who built the others, but is there an E10 version in the works, or is there one out there that I haven’t seen yet?

I used Schema Spy to build an HTML data dictionary. It’s a simple tool to use.

If you’re not comfortable using a command line tool there is Schema Spy GUI

Something I built from the EDU Database in .400 had to write a SQL Script first to populate MS_Description fields in SQL and then I could use various Database Documentation Applications from Redgate.

Attached are SQL Scripts that will lookup the info from Epicor’s ZData Tables.

Then you can build it with Apex or Redgate.


  • AddExtendedPropertiesToColumns
  • It will check for DBTableName/DBFieldName if empty it will use DataTableID and FieldName
  • AddExtendedPropertiesToTables

Both Procedures check if the Object(Table/Column) exist before grabbing the Description from ZDataTable or ZDataField and populating the MS_Description.


Download: Dropbox - AddExtendedInfoProc - Simplify your life


Hi @hkeric.wci,

This is the Database Schema, is there an equivalent for the Entity Framework? Just curious.

Mark W.

This was addressed back in the yahoo group

That’s E10? There’s still ShortChars and Checkboxes and Characters in there.

There’s a E9 and an E10 version on that link… First one is E9 second is E10

Can you add that link in a sticky somewhere? (I’m sure you are sick of re-posting it over and over again, haha)

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Is this diagram around any longer? (link is dead) I’m trying to get my head around a few table relationships and would benefit from something to look at (in addition to the data dictionary).

@Adam [ Download ] Epicor 10.2 & Kinetic .CHM Schema - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum

Very nice reference! I was looking for something that visually displayed how the tables were connected, but this should also be a big help.

Question: I cannot get details to display when I click on an item in the contents window. What I am missing?

look at all the files in the link. It tells you what to do to show the content.

Weird. I don’t get that popup mentioned in the link. I just double-click and it opens (but no content displays). I’ll use this issue to dig further. Thanks.

It’s not a popup, just an image.

Right. Those instructions refer to a popup in Windows.

oh, right. I wasn’t understanding what you were saying. Sorry…

I have had to move the chm file to a local drive before I can see the descriptions, and/or right click on the .chm file, choose properties and select Unblock.

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Which on is the actual link, the link? I get a 404 when I follow that link.