Days Out - Where does the data live?

Good morning all!
I am searching for the places where DaysOut is stored. So far I have only found the date in JobOper.DaysOut and VendPBrk.DaysOut.
EDIT: Also found in PartOpr.DaysOut, ECOOpr.DaysOut, QuoteOpr.DaysOut.

Can anyone tell me if this is stored anywhere else?

this particular field may be found in many places because of the way that BOMs are copied throughout the system. When you first create a BOM, you do it in the ECO Workbench… so data starts there in ECOOper table… then when you check the part in, it is copied to PartOpr. Once there, when you create a job, it will be copied to the JOBOpr. If you are quoting a part, it will be copied to a QuoteOpr. Not sure, but it MIGHT exist in the Operation table where you define new generic operations.
Note that the reason that this data is “copied” is because it can be CHANGED in each of these locations once it is copied.

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As of 9.5

As of 10.2.600


That is exactly why I want to find the locations it might be hiding. I think I have them all now. I edited my original post to list each table I found DaysOut in. We are going to be overhauling the subcontractors, default operations, and supplier days out.

I think our best bet is to change the data in the order you mentioned. Starting with the BOM, then updating parts, and open jobs.
Thanks Tim!

Where did you find that handy list!?

I published a data dump of the schema years ago based on a tool someone put together at some point to pull the fields from Progress

I have since built a dashboard that does it for my current version I’m on.


Any chance you could share this dashboard?

Sure, but per usual AS-IS no warranty implied or given use at your own risk. At some point this likely won’t import for anyone so if you wanted to recreate it you need these tables in BAQs and a bunch of pub subs

  • ZDataTable + ZDataSet
  • ZDataField


DB Exploration Tool.dbd (594.0 KB)


Or you can always use… does not include all datatables, tttables only actual database tables.


ja… aber… meins ist besser LOL

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Well, Josh’s does include Custom Fields… :thinking:

Just to add for future searchers, here is a handy SQL query I have used over the years to find columns/tables in a database (very possibly the same as what feeds @jgiese.wci dashboard). I have modified it some for your specific question.

USE EpicorERP -- Your database name here
SELECT c.[Name] AS ColName, t.[Name] AS TableName
FROM sys.columns c
JOIN sys.tables t ON c.object_id = t.object_id
--WHERE c.[Name] LIKE '%DaysOut%'
WHERE c.[Name] = 'DaysOut'
--ORDER BY c.[Name]
ORDER BY t.[Name]