Debug an Epicor Process?

I know we can debug customizations in Visual Studio, but what about a process? I have an issue where a standard Epicor process (AP Process Payments in this case) is throwing a generic Object Reference error and nothing is standing out to me as the culprit. Tracking this down would be soooo much easier if I could put a breakpoint on the method and step through until the error occurs.

Do you have the Epicor SDk? Without it… it’s going to be tough


Any options short of decompiling to a project and substituting my own dll (in a test environment, of course!) with additional logging?

Yes sir, but that’s head and shoulders above what we can do for ya here. It requires a lot more than a forum post.
I’d start with RedGate Reflector and work your way up.
You’ll probably have to make use of a remote debugger, you may way better off opening a ticket with Epicor. Or asking for help regarding the specific issue.

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I’m with Jose, this is a beast of a task. It’s definitely easiest to start by decompiling the offending DLL and poking around. Have a good look at the stack trace as well, it will give you clues on where to start.

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That’s kinda what I thought but figured it was worth asking in case there was an easy way to hook in that I had missed.

Reflector is a fantastic tool! I just haven’t gotten around to requesting it because it wasn’t mission critical before now. Guess it’s time to go make the use case.

Always good advice - thanks, @Chris_Conn. That’s narrowed it down to the dll and method for me already.

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