Delete extra PartOpDtl records

I need to delete a bunch of duplicated Resources on my BOO. This means I have OpDtlSeq 10 and 20 and I want to delete 20. I have 2000 items to delete, so it isn’t as simple as opening it in Engineering Workbench.
How do I setup my DMT to delete the #20 and not delete the whole operation?

I found this from a long time ago, but it is not ideal:

Just curious if anyone has any ideas?

@Jason_Woods Not any good ones. I did a quick look at my DMT runs and found a partopdtl fix from 2017. I ran the query to get extra PartOpDtl records and I have 2300. One boo has 203 extra and we copied that to a whole series. I tried putting a exception on deleting ECOOpDtl if the sequence is 10. It fired on every DMT record, so I removed the duplicates and ran it for just the 23 and it deleted the Opr and all 203 of the OprDtls.

I was able to remove them and reload, but I had to also add CommentText since for us that almost always has needed info.

Can you export the BOO (from a BAQ), edit your spreadsheet, do a DMT to delete the operation, and another DMT to re-build it with just the resource you need? It’s too bad that’s how it works, and we can’t edit the resources directly.

You can put in an EpiCare ticket, and the DMT team used to be good about adding features on the next version. I haven’t had to request any recently, but they used to be very helpful.

If you include ECOOpDtl#RowMod as a column in the template with a value of “D” and run in Delete mode, it should only delete the PartOpDtl rows you include. I ran the following template for a part that had an OpDtl 10 and 20 on this operation and it left OpDtl 10 after the template finished.

See below:


That was it! Thanks.

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