Delete not allowed. Referenced by at least one Labor Head

I had some temporary Employee entries. Later, I imported fresh ones using DMT that all have real Employee IDs. Great, except now I can’t remove the old temporary employee.

When I attempt to delete the test employee I was using I get “Delete not allowed. Referenced by at least one Labor Head.”

I have no idea what a Labor Head is. I’ve searched around and I am not finding a clear description of what this is or where it is found.

Hey Adam,

LaborHead is some table, it gets written to when an employee clocks in and out for the day. The temp account must have been clocked into. Unfortunately it’s a permanent employee now.

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Thanks @Asz0ka ! Yes, clocking in was part of the test. So you are telling me that an employee account can never be deleted once used? I’m new to Epicor so everything is new to me. It’s a good thing we are using the Pilot right now.

Yes, if there are transactions tied to something (be it a part or employee) Epicor won’t let you delete it.

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@A9G-Data-Droid - You can change the status on that employee from Active to Inactive, though…


Actually, I was able to do it. You can remove the employee by finding the time they have clocked in, deleting all of the time which means you will have to assign yourself as that persons supervisor, use Label edit Report to see all the exact time the employee has on record, then go back and delete each entry. once each entry is clear, you can do what you want with this employees record. Of course, you will want to check with management to see if you can, but I have confirmed it working 100%.

I had the same error as you, but I tracked down all of the employees labor, deleted it and I could do what I wanted with the employee.