Delete Stuck Active Tasks

I have 3 processes and 1 report that i cancelled a while ago and they are stuck on “cancelling” on the System Monitor.
I know i can restart my agents from OE Console, but if i remember correct, there is a conversion program i can run from our Admin Tools that deletes those active task without restarting agents and deleted Scheduled Tasks. Anyone know which program number that is?

There is no conversion to remove tasks that are stuck cancelling in the System Monitor :frowning:

Restarting the taskagent and processserver appserver processes is the official process to remove them.

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hmm…i must have got things confused by another program then. Thank you

There are a lot of conversions out there, it happens :slight_smile:

That being said, I’ve been asking for a conversion just like what you were describing for quite some time which would come in handy in times such as the one you were dealing with <cough> @Rich </cough> :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be awesome to have even in E10 land! I occasionally have to kill the backflush process since it doesn’t cleanly disappear. On occasion other items too but that one is more common.


We are on E9 and i use OE to restart my AppServers, how is it done on E10? I thought they got rid of progress?

In E905, one would restart the taskagent and processserver appserver processes.
In 10.x, one would restart the taskagent configuration.

EDIT: OpenEdge is not used with the base ERP product in 10.x.

Where do you access the Task Agent configuration? Sorry i have not seen how E10 works.

I just saw your edit
thank you

For what it’s worth a task agent restart doesn’t actually kill the active backflush task and restart it cleanly which is the issue I was referring to. It stays as active in SQL so when the task agent restart occurs, it gives an error saying a similar process is already running but in reality it’s not. My solution has been to kill the task SQL side prior to the task agent restart.


Hi Nathan,

How to delete the History task on the Vantage 8.03.410 Progress DB? I can find one active status on the History Task