Delete User Code Type bug

Anyone else attempt to delete a specific code from the list of User Codes contained in a User Code Type only to have it delete the entire User Code Type instead? This is not the first time it happened. In the past, I thought I must’ve just accidentally clicked in the wrong place before deleting… but this time I specifically clicked the line and hit the X and boom - all gone. I just got done going 1 by 1 down a list of about 25 different reasons for a code, meticulously planning out the code vs the description to satisfy users… and all gone. I’m going for a walk! :rage:

Not user codes but in other modules. What I found is to try in this order to delete single lines.
Select the line, use the delete key first then the red X if delete does not work.

It is not a bug, if you aren’t selected on the detail that can happen (on any screen)

I recomend you go to the Grid View and hit the delete on the keyboard instead of the button on the toolbar.

Thanks for the tips. For sure I’ll plan to use the Delete button on my keyboard first.

I am very familiar and comfortable with the context specific delete functionality. In this case my user experience was:

In the grid, I was adding line after line by hitting Enter, filling in the boxes and tabbing along… then hitting Enter again. I finished with that exercise and was reviewing the list in the grid and saw one code in the middle that I ended up not needing and so I clicked that line (it had the little triangle next to it), clicked the red X, and everything was gone. There was nothing I did to make me feel I wouldn’t have been selected on the line. And again, because this has happened to me before I was very careful with what I was doing. So it brings me back to the beginning… there has to be a bug or something that made it appear that I was selected on a line but it wasn’t. It seemed like the grid jumped right as I was clicking the button… did that deselect the line?

I don’t expect anyone in here to be able to answer it, per se. But no different than if I had turned on a light switch and the breaker in my panel kept popping, I’d be poking around to figure out what the problem was to help prevent it from happening again. And so I thought maybe someone in here had seen/experienced this before in User Code Maintenance.

The Context Sensitive nature of the delete key is very dangerous. Epicor could make it less dangerous if the warning dialogs (assuming you have them enabled) could specify the context it is being applied to. Messages like:

“Are you sure you want to delete this order, all its lines, and releases?”
“Are you sure you want to delete this order lines, and its releases?”
“Are you sure you want to delete this order line release?”

Go way further than …

“Are you sure you want to delete this record?”

Maybe a BPM that could warn you of the context that the delete is being applied to, is in order.


Even better would be info related to the record(s) being deleted:

“Are you sure you want to delete order 5318008, all its lines, and releases?”
“Are you sure you want to delete line 2 and its releases from order 5318008?”
“Are you sure you want to delete release 3 from line 2 of order 5318008?”


I always say “make the row blue” and then delete it. But yes, of course I still get bit.

(BAQ editor has multiple delete buttons which is great, except that I sometimes forget and delete the whole subquery instead of the table criteria because of the opposite problem - I’m so used to only one delete button.)

The other scary one is Paste Update on the wrong starting row. Epicor does not validate keys in a pasting operation. It just goes to town overwriting everything.

Oh, and do not filter rows when paste-updating. It will paste over the hidden lines.

I’ve bit myself in BAQ Designer also that same way. Oh well. I had time to eat lunch and clear my head and now I’m back to feeling chipper again… haha