Deleted invoiced line

I would like to get advice on this issue.

For this Part, we already Shipped and Invoiced in system (both legal number generated)

And now user over ship and invoice 350pcs, so we go to invoice there “delete” the particular line,

We found that when we delete the INVOICED line, the DO line will remove automatically and part return back to warehouse.

May I know is this a actual way to proceed for such scenario?

If not, please advise me the correct way and kindly let me know what was affected and what I should do to fix it.


So the user ACTUALLY, PHYSICALLY over shipped or was it a data entry mistake.
If a data entry mistake, then what you did would seem to correct the issue.
If they actually shipped the inventory then, you would probably need to issue an RMA to get the inventory back and you can use an RMA Credit to offset the Invoice.
If there is no need to bring back the inventory transactionally, then you can issue a Credit Memo
Or you can try using a Corrective Invoice.