Deleting Kinetic Personalizations

I wanted to post a solution to a problem that I had with a Kinetic personalization and also because I heard questions at Insights about being able to delete personalizations.

We had one user that made a personalization on a Kinetic print report form in an early version of Kinetic. After one upgrade, that user was unable to access the form. Every time he tried to load it, either the client would crash or the form would come up blank.

Currently, the only way to get rid of a personalization is for the user to load the form and “reset to default”. But this is of no use if the user can’t load the form. There is no current way for an admin to delete the personalization through the application

At Insights, I was able to go through the development folks and thanks to Vijaya Arcot at Epicor, I was given a solution to use the swagger page and directly call the Delete Layer method. As soon as I did this, the user was back in business. Here is the solution:

"You can try these steps to delete the personalization for the ERP.UIRpt.CntVarReport application.

  1. Open the REST help page (either https:///api/help/v1/index.html or the REST Help application. Make sure to open the V1 version). You will need to log in as the user whose personalization needs to be deleted.
  2. Find the Ice.LIB.MetaFXSvc REST endpoint and the DeleteLayer method on the Custom Methods page. (https:///api/help/v1/methods/Ice.LIB.MetaFXSvc/index.html#/Custom%20methods/DeleteLayer)
  3. Click on the Try it out and enter this as the input parameter

    "request": {
    "viewId": "Erp.UIRpt.CntVarReport",
    "company": "EPIC06",
    "typeCode": "KNTCPersLayer",
    "layerName": "",
    "deviceType": "Desktop",
    "parentLayers": [],
    "pageName": ""
  1. This should delete the layer from the database for the current logged in user."

Thank you for sharing this! I heard at Insights that there wasn’t a tool any longer for removing personalizations. I just shared this with my team to add to our “bag of tricks”!

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An addendum:

I had two personalizations – one with Ice.XXXDef.Key1 blank, and one with Key1 populated. The solution above removed the one with Key1 blank. Here’s what I used to kill the other:

“request”: {
“ViewId”: “Ice.UI.UD101Entry”,
“Company”: “xxx”,
“TypeCode”: “KNTCPersLayer”,
“LayerName”: “”,
“DeviceType”: “Desktop”,
“ParentLayers”: [
“BilletScan” // from key1 (the customization layer)
“UserName”: “jtrent”,
“PageName”: “”,
“CGCCode”: “”,
“IncludeDraftContent”: true

Evidently, I had tried the personalization on an uncustomized screen and a customized screen.



As an update on this - you can now request a data fix from support that will list all the Kinetic personalizations in your system and allow you select any of them for deletion. You need to open a case (ICE Tools - App Studio) and request “the data fix that deletes personalizations” and specify your version.

Or, if you don’t want to deal with that, I made a dashboard you can use to do it yourself.


Thank you, that is a much better solution that a hot fix that expires in 2 months.

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