Demand is Off

In Job Manager It shows demand for entire company is 84.90. There are only two warehouses and warehouse 2 is the only one with a qty on hand, and it should only be this one warehouse. However, I have an order due on 10/3 with a Qty of 825. There is a supply Job with a WIP Qty 3200. So I guess my question is, why is the demand showing only 84.90 and not the 825.00?

I have did a PartBin QOH From PartTran Refresh and that did not help.

William - Did you also run the ‘Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations’ process? This report should be run with 0 to minimal system activity

I did that earlier this week.

First we’d run the PartBin QOH From PartTran Refresh, then the Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations. Not sure if running it the other way around would change results.

Are the orders make direct or make to stock?

The past few times I’ve done it, I did it the reverse of waht you are saying with no issues and good results. This time, not so much.