Deployed Dashboard disappears from solution

Has anyone noticed if you have a deployed Dashboard in a solution and when you deploy it again, it gets automatically removed from the solution?

Yes. It’s because the solution uses the SysRow ID to identify the object. Dashboards for some reason make a new one whenever you make a change. Because of that the solution “Loses” it. It’s super annoying and I wish they would fix it.


I wonder if the solution can be modified to update the new sysrowid.
Is it the only identifier in the solution, or is there something else we can match on?

Maybe. See what you can figure out. You’re welcome for (another) project to do so you don’t have to do your day job. lol

I’ll check if any problems have been raised in the morning, and if not raise a case…Not an immediate fix but at least it might get some attention, as to a fix, now we understand the problem, I’m sure we can work something out.