Deploying new release, best practice to update clients

We are just about ready to deploy 10.2.400 (from 10.2.100) and we have about 60 client pcs running Epicor. I need to update .NET on each of them and also update the Epicor client. What is the best practice to do this? Is there a way for me to update the autoupdate config on the server to tell each client to grab the new files?

Also, what about .NET? I assume that I just need to go to each machine and run the installer from a shared directory.

Do you run Microsoft WSUS on your network? Or SCCM? Using these tools will allow you to deploy .Net automatically.

Regards Epicor - I created a script to deploy the files out to each client, preventing the need to visit each one. The script was one shared on this forum, and then tweaked for my environment - use the search tool, you’ll find not only the script but an awesome explanation from @Rich about how the client and server interact when it comes to updates/config files.

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I wasn’t on my PC when I replied yesterday, but here is the link to that awesome post: