Determining when a Fiscal Period was closed (and/or re-opened)

Is there a way to tell when a Fiscal Period was closed, if and when it was re-opened, re-closed?

And by whom, would be icing …

You could turn on the change log for FiscalCal table.

Norman Hutchins
Systems Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

And how exactly does one enable table specific logging?

I checked the System Administration Guide, Application UG, and Implementation UG, and they only say how to review the logs. Nothing about enabling logging at all, let alone about being table specific.

The Company Maint program has a checkbox for tacking “System Activities”. We have that unchecked, as it seems like more of a diagnostic tool (since It looks like it would log EVERYTHING).

Company Config -> Modules -> All Modules -> General has a Change Log setting with choices of “Daily”, “By User”, and “Each Transaction” (currently set at daily). I changed that “Each Transaction”. But after several hours use, all the Change Logs (from Actions -> Change Log) were still blank.

Change Logs used to be handled with BAMs in E9, but in E10 they removed
BAMs and added the functionality to BPM’s. Basically, you create an
In-Transaction Data Direcive and use the Change Log Block. There is
information in the Help Files, see below.


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Thanks. I had some enabled in V8 (via BAMs), but as you said, no BAMs in E10.

It would have been nice if there was at least one mention about setting up DD’s, in all the documentation about viewing Change logs

First off, I don’t think the PeriodClosed field is in FiscalCal table. GLBookPer is the only table I’ve found it in.

But there’s no ChangeLog block in the designer for that table.

Perhaps because:

Sorry, Calvin, I made an assumption this morning while not in front of the
software that the Closed field would be part of the FiscalCal table, looks
like you are correct and it’s GLBookPer.ClosedPeriod. The stinks that
GLBookPer isn’t part of the ChangeLog tables, I’m surprised because you
would think from an audit standpoint other would have wanted this logged as

Not as easy, but you might be able to create 2 UDfield on GLBook,
PeriodClosedBy, and PeriodClosedOn, and populate them via a BPM when a
period is closed. But that doesn’t take care of the Re-Open & Re-Closed

Maybe someone else has some thoughts.


Norman Hutchins
System Administrator
Howell Laboratories, Inc.

Is there something on GLJrnHed that you could use?

I have standard Data Directives set on the GLBookPer table that sends me an email when a fiscal period changes from true to false/false to true along with the user that changed it. Work fine, I’d say that’s the table you want.


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