Developing C# Skills to become a better consultant

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I am currently learning c# make me a better consultant in Epicor. However the best way to learning a coding language is by developing code and developing processes etc.

I was wondering if anyone hear could give me advice or ideas on what could I build which will give me a strong foundation in the c# language. I was thinking of building a form but I am not sure if that would be correct approach.

I am looking for something that will allow me to start very small in the c# language and gradually build me up to the point where I am fluent in the code. any suggestions are welcomed

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There is a whole list of resources here:

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This is a fun way to start building coding skills. The site does a really good job of getting you started very easy, but you can get more and more complicated as the challenges get harder. It’s a great way to build a basis in coding.

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Quick Start:


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Thank you @TobyLai will definitely check out the post

Thank you @Banderson as I was not aware and seems like it would make coding fun and I have already signed up to it

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Thank you @hkeric.wci I will definitely check those textboosk out