Different Cost Same Part #

I am looking into if there is a way (besides lot average cost Zero Dollar Parts) to have part numbers with different values.

We do both Commercial and Research production in the same facility and have some part numbers owned by our clients and some owned by us. It is very common to have the same part number.

  1. Raw materials are costed by Avg Cost
  2. Finished goods and WIP are costed by Standard (this is less important to fix)

The only solutions we have come up with are creating a new part number with 0 value (which becomes a bit messy requiring multiple parts or a few rev’s in our methods we need to manage. We’d just create a part with a Suffix with an “R” or something). Or create a site for research, which again is fairly messy.

Any ideas that allow us to use the same part number and value it differently within the same site by some sort of differentiator?

I appreciate any insight or help.

Thanks - Tim

@timshuwy created a nice reference document on part numbering strategy - search for the link here or on Epicor’s website. Also, you can consider Customer Part Number cross references to link to your own internal part number. Epicor uses part numbers extensively, and needs them to be unique (but not case sensitive).

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Andris - Thank you, I believe these cover what we are looking for.

For those who come across this, below is what I believe Andris is referencing:


@dillmantr01 Tim, in E10 part cost is tracked per part, per plant. Short of using lots, you could establish a virtual plant (site) to hold the other legal entities’ parts, at separately-tracked cost. Movement of stock between the two would require plant-to-plant transfer orders and transfer shipments.

Yup… those are the documents I wrote…
And, the only way to have a part with different costs would be one of the following:

  1. Put the part into a different SITE (Plant) (or obviously - a different Company).
  2. Create a different part number
  3. OR… define the part as Lot Controlled, and use LOT costing (average per lot).
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I wanted to add one more approach available by Epicor, it is a bit tedious and has some challenges, however the Client Managed Inventory module allows for materials to be in the Client Owned Warehouse at 0 value on stock status report and for financial purposes and have the same part number as material that is counted in inventory.

  1. Need Client Managed warehouse created
  2. Need Client Managed Purchase order to receive against
  3. Can issue freely to jobs from this warehouse (appears on pick list)
  4. One challenge is brining material back from a job (if you do that), if your inventory team is not aware of this requirement you could inadvertently bring back to the normal warehouse and put value into inventory you don’t want.

Regardless the topic is closed, just wanted to add another option if anyone finds this thread.

@timshuwy, thank you for these blog posts. It appears the 2nd-4th URL are for implementing consigned inventory.

Can you please post the URL’s for Parts 2-4 of ERP Part Numbering Standards for Manufacturing? I tried changing the end of the URL from …part-1 to …part-2 without luck. Also searching on the part 1 title within Epicor’s site.

Thanks, Cliff

I already posted the entire set in a different format (PDF) as one entire document… You can see it here: Part Numbering Standards

Hello, I have different sites same part. We have part revisions setup for each site. When sold from one site vs the other we want it to flow through to the Sales Gross Margin report. Std Costing Method is used. For costing purposes in MFG it is using the correct costs, but when pulling through to the SGM report it is using the wrong site costs.

do you have different cost ID’s assigned to the different Sites? If so, then when you do the cost rolls (you will need to cost roll for each site) then the costs should flow as you want.