Different quantities in part transaction history tracker to part tracker?

Epicor version 9.05.401

Something odd has just happened, my colleague did an inventory transfer moving 26 x part number H1817 from the Main warehouse to Obsolete warehouse.
You can see the transaction in the part transaction history tracker and it has a TranID…however, the part tracker numbers haven’t updated and the 26 are still in Main??

I ran conversion 6480, but it hasn’t fixed it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Have you verified on the Advanced Material Management under Material Request Q if the transaction is there?

Dear Dora,

the transactions are not in the Material Request Queue…

I also looked in Material Queue Manager…they weren’t in there either.

What does running the Stock Status Report say?

The stock status says the 26 are still in main.

Double check the Transaction date? I’ve often got tripped up looking at SysDate in Part Transaction History, thinking it was the TranDate.

Tran Date and Sys Date are both the same, 17/01/2017

This is the 26 in the stock status report, still in the Main Warehouse.

Just ran the “Material transaction detail report” in Inventory Management/Reports …and as you can see the transactions are there.

When my colleage tried to do the transaction…he said he go this error message:

Here is the detail behind the error:

I’m going to try a full server reboot later tonight and see if that realigns everything

We were getting that same error in one of our Bins last week. Epicor sent a
SCR fix on Monday we had to apply. It worked on our test server, but I
can’t put it on production until weekend maintenance. (IIS reset required)

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Update…i’ve rebooted the server…no change at all.

Randy: do you have the name of the fix that epicor sent you so that i can request the same?

Many thanks.


Not on me, but I can look it up at work tomorrow.

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I got to say when epicor do send me the fix, …usually we’d test it in the TEST database first, but the problem doesn’t occur in the TEST database…i would just be a bit reluctant to apply it straight to the LIVE database.

We’re on E10.0.700.4 the SCR is 165979

thank you

The conversion we used to need to run in earlier versions (we’re on 905702a now) was 6430.

I found this in my old email with Phil Berglund Epicor support:

" The 7195 is very similar to the 6430, it resynchronizes tables and fields that are out of synch with each other. It addresses the PlantWhse, PartPlant and PartWhse tables that hold part quantity related information.
General Information Page 8994mps enclosed below explains how to run the 6430 conversion in the Admin tools, these same steps also apply to the 7195; it’s located a little further down this same list of
conversions the 6430 is located in. "

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