Digital Signage Software Recommendations


Is anyone using any Digital Signage Software in their organization that they would recommend? Are you pulling Data from Epicor to display on your screen presentations?

We are just starting to look into Digital Signage Software but we would like to eventually display a collection of images and videos along with some Epicor data that scrolls across Television screens in various areas of our building.

It sounds like maybe PowerPoint might be used in a way that is good enough to fill our needs but I just wanted to see what others were using and if you might recommend anything else.

Thank you for any thoughts you could share,

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Display Monkey is really nice and works well with PowerBI and REST for a complete solution. Pretty much a free solution.


We use Adobe but not really integrated with Epicor.

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We use Xibo with a Intel compute stick PC to display Production, Quality, Safety and employee announcements. We do pull data directly from Epicor. It works well for us.


I’ve used I had an HMDI dongle in each TV/monitor connected via wifi. The dongles are an Android device. And you can use the website to design basic templates and push out the updates to all dongles quite easily. Different subscription tiers offer different options, but their Enterprise option gives you REST, XML, etc plug-in capabilities. You can also sync it with a Google Sheet and update values in there for display.


Our process is a bit manual, but serves our purpose well enough for the cost (almost free)

We use Active Presenter (thanks @rbucek)

It can combine PowerPoint and other video slides to make a video file.

Then we have a media player stick that plays whatever video is in a folder on continuous loop.

It is manual as we have to update the video files and restart the players when there are updates.

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We’re just starting down this path too and found Binary Emotions’ Digital Signage for Raspberry Pi to be a good fit. You still have to make and host a website (we’re re-purposing a test server and will only have it available internally) but the Pi and the software handle all the display needs.

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I’ve used Rise Vision on a project a few years ago: Edit: It used to have a free tier but looks like all of them now have a cost.

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I heard 10.2.400 was bringing Azure IOT that could be used for department dashboards. I’m sure we’ll get the full scoop at Insights.


Thank you all for the feedback! These are great suggestions and I’m really excited about some of them already! Thanks again, really appreciate it! :slight_smile: