Disable App Server auto-start at boot?

I have one app server which does not auto-start when the Epicor server boots up. This is how I want it to function, no problems there. My question is, how do I disable auto-start for other app servers? I did this at one point a year or two ago but I can’t seem to find that setting anymore.

Like the app pools for the client app or the task agent? You could set the app pools to be on-demand. They wouldn’t spool up till someone hit the app.

Yes, the App Pools. Where is that setting?

Advanced settings of the app pool.


Another option is disabling WWW in services. That will stop IIS from starting. Set it to manual.

Ok, I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. When I look at the App Pool settings in your screenshot, every single one of the App Pools is set to OnDemand.

What I am referring to is if I open Epicor Admin Console and click on the AppServer, it will say STARTED or STOPPED. I have one that does not auto-start, but the rest all say STARTED. I want to switch another one so that it does not automatically go into STARTED when the Epicor server reboots.

Under Basic Settings disable the start application pool immediately. That should do what you’re looking for.



That is it! Thank you!

Just so I’m clear on this…

  • Basic Settings -> “Start application pool immediately”
    • When set, the App Pool will be started when the system starts up.
    • When cleared, it does not start automatically, and requires starting it in EAC (this correct?)

So what do the two values for Advanced Settings -> Start Mode do? I assume they don’t do anything until the App Pool is actually started.

What’s the difference between “Always Running” and “On Demand” ??

Should a Test or Devlopment App be set to “On Demand”, when on the same server as the Production App?

Correct. It either needs started via EAC or IIS.

If the StartMode is set to AlwaysRunning the w3wp service starts up right away. OnDemand doesn’t startup until a request is made to the app.

I have our Test/Dev set to OnDemand. If no one is using them I don’t want them running. If someone needs Test/Dev they can wait the few extra seconds it takes for IIS to startup the w3wp service.

So if it is set to “On Demand”, it starts when a connection to the App is made. Does it go into some stand-by mode after all users exit the App? Or does that first use just make it start and keep running, just as if the setting was “Always Running”?

It will depending on how you have these two settings set. So in my case after 60 minutes of no activity it will spin down. Then when it gets a new request fire back up.


For my production app I have it set to 0. Or never stop.


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With that said. Before you go setting something to never stop or spooling all the app pools all on boot. Make sure you have the resources for that. Don’t come yell at me if you run out of resources or something is slow :wink:

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I’d be looking to go the opposite way… To better use my scarce resources.

Each of my Apps hovers around 1.5 GB of memory usage. When I accidentally ran the Inv/WIP Recon report with an end date of 12/31/5999, the mem usage for that App jumped to over 12 GB.

I have our PROD and Test/Dev spread out between VMs. So letting PROD just run hasn’t ever been an issue. The VM that it’s on has 32GB of RAM. Letting the Test/Dev pools end after 60 minutes has worked well to.