Disable Credit checking BO processes

Two part question

  1. Does the underying Credit check calcs happen when uploading Order info (Lines & Releases) via DMT? Seems to run really slow. Would settings the CreditIncludeOrders field in the Customer table speed up processing OrderDtls?

  2. Our new parent company now does all the AP payments and cash receipts processing in their system. But we still have AP enabled. Since E10 never sees any cash receipts against orders, customers “outstanding balances” approcah or exceed their credit limit.

Will a CreditLimit of 0.00 prevent Credit Limit checks and associated warnings? If not, any other way to set a customer to not have a credit limit. I know I could set each one to $1,000,000,000. But has looking for the “correct” way.

Just so you know a Credit Limit of zero does mean unlimited credit….set to zero and then change it once done with processing orders.

To answer the question if it checks it while processing records….not sure but would be surprised if it does. But if you set credit limit to zero…then what is there to check?

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How are you clearing AR?

We’re not. That’s why Customers balances keep going up.

We were recently acquired by another company so we have to do a lot of processing in both systems. None of the other divisions of the parent company do manufacturing, and thus had no system for it. That’s why we kept using V8 (and now moving to E10). The parent company’s acoounting system is the “real one” we only use the accounting parts of V8 to create GL transactions (Sales, COGs, etc…) in V8, and then do a regular consolidated upload to their system.

If you don’t want to set any credit limits on your customers, then use 0.00. That will “by pass” any credit checking.

It sounds like you stop, in Epicor, after the shipment stage (you don’t invoice customers in Epicor, correct?) of the process. Since you are not invoicing in Epicor, (I’m not sure if it will work or not) you could try setting a credit limit and leaving the checkbox to “include orders” unchecked.

What do you want to achieve in Epicor? Do you want it to do credit checking or not at all? Also, are your sales orders getting closed or do you manually close them?

No. We do invoice out of E10. And then a report generates all the invoice data for uploading into our parent company’s system. Customers remit payment to the parent company.

On the AP side, we issue PO’s, do receipts, and AP invoice entry in E10. Then export AP Invoice data to upload to the parent company. The parent company then pays the suppliers.

So basically all the functions except AR cash receipts and AP payments.

So then you really can’t have customer credit limits unless you somehow did cash receipts from the parent company system into Epicor to apply to the outstanding AR Invoices.

Sounds like your best bet is to set the credit limits to 0.00.