Display changes made to a part number?

We use Epicore version 9.05.607B.

For parts. I was just told that we cannot see what changes were made or who and when they were changed. This came as a surprise to me because I’m used to SAP where it is always viewable.

Am I being told the correct information.

You need to enable change log on the fields that you want to see changes made to. It will do it for any field you want you just have to specify them manually. In 9 I can’t remember the name of the screens that you need to do that in. BAM is the acronym if I remember correctly and in 10 change logs are moved to Data Directives and eventually CDC.

Back in the “old days”, we had a BAM = “Business Activity Monitor”… as @jgiese.wci said, you need to turn on the tracking of changes. It is up to you and your organization to determine what fields you want and/or need to track changes against.

Note that BAMs were replace in Epicor 10 with “Data Directives” which have many more abilities, but the change tracking is still done the same way in Data Directives as they were in the BAM days.

WARNING… do NOT track changes against ALL fields. this can be foolhardy, and can consume LOTS of storage. One customer decided to track ALL changes against ALL of the JOB tables… their database grew by 100s of megabytes daily because MRP touches every job every day, and creates new unfirm jobs and reschedules them… lots of clutter was tracked.
My typical suggestion is to track the “important” fields. example, in the Customer table, track changes to the customer name, address, credit limit, credit hold, etc.