DMT Bank Adjustment with GL

I’m wondering if anyone else here DMTs bank adjustments with GLAccount filled in. I’m running into the issue that it won’t fill in the GL with add new but it only lets me update it through a second pass. I plan on using a custom field to add a GUID identifier to the bank adjustment row and then passing through again with a linked TranNum based on GUID on the 2nd DMT to punch in the GL account. I’d prefer just the one pass if possible but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.


Suggest performing a trace on the Process - see what order methods are called, and place your DMT columns in the same order to have it call them in the same way as the UI.

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I think I got it working. I had the BankTranTGLC#TGLCTranNum set to 0 instead of 1. It seems to be working fine now even with multiple lines.

Thanks Mark for making me look back through my trace and notice the error.